Jenn & Ryan

Captured and Delivered! 

Most couples may think that a wedding video is not as important as the other elements of the wedding. That would be ironic though when on this day and age, people are relentless on documenting important life events on snapchat, facebook and instagram. We as a couple had second thoughts about getting one, but looking back We think, it was the best decision that we made. It was akin to the feeling of the one that almost got away… almost! Something that we might have regretted for the rest of our married life. That’s why we are so glad that our friend recommended New York Captures to capture this important milestone on both of our lives. Nothing brings you back to where it all happened than a live motion picture! What brought the magic altogether though is NYC’s quality of service and output, professionalism, and flexibilty. Their videos are just so good we had to flew them in from New York to Los Angeles! They were all businees from the get go. Being tired and lack of sleep didn’t stop them from helping us achieve our vision. They were very detailed on what we are to expect. They worked well with my other vendors and they sent us a sneak peak of our wedding video right away! We were blown away when we saw it! It was beyond our expectations! It was like looking at a hollywood film – great elements and on point editing. They were not only filming the event but they put their creative storyline in it so that all the scenes tie in together and make sense in the end. And that’s when I realized that I truly found a gem! There are videographers who film events and there are storytellers. I say Levi and Dodgie are both – technique/quality and heart. When I posted the sneak peak on facebook, everyone was raving about it! My co-workers who opted out on a video truly regretted it. Photos are great too becasue you can display them at your home but a video captures the emotion and all the details that a photo would miss! When all is said and done, memories will fade, flowers will whither, food will be consumed, the wedding gown will be put away, you will grow old and that day will become a blur… but not if you preserve those special moments in a video. You can watch it over and over again and I guarantee you, you will notice something you have never noticed before every time you watch it! We always do! So I say do it and do it with NYC because when you watch your wedding video, you not only want to remember but watch it in the best quality to transport you back in time! Thank you so much Levi and Dodgie! We will forever be grateful!

Shebuel & Lovely

From booking to watching the memorable moments of our wedding. Eli and Dodge are very professional, always available, listened to our ideas and very good in editing! One of the best decision we had was to choose them over the others! Eli and Dodge did a very great job! They captured all the important details in our rustic Theme wedding. Definitely worth every penny! My husband and I are very please with their talent. Would recommend them again!