St. Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi had a most magical feel and allowed for some breathtaking angles. We used the romantic accents that St Francis of Assisi had to our advantage to bring out the magical moments of the bride and groom. The high ceilings and light that naturally comes in from the stained glass always gives us a just perfect glow to use. We always take account of location, location and most important location to analyze and from there, map out our creative limits to capture the best moments on film. We must take in account that we must cater to what the couple wants us to create but need to be prepared to know that depending on the location of our event we may not be able to capture what they might be looking for. For instance, although St Francis of Assisi was a large space and gave for many options to capture it did have a smaller scale fountain that opens in the entrance which makes it a bit difficult to get that shot used as the bride walks into the church and down the aisle. So, for brides that want that dramatic storybook entrance in this instance, it would not work BUT! That doesn’t mean we still wouldn’t make that entrance as special as possible.

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